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Gapple Ltd is company that sees itself as part of a support system to the curtain wall/window fixing and cladding companies.

Civil Engineering & Steel Industry

We Offer Full Project Management Service Across The UK With An Experienced, Accredited Workforce. Read more about our services…

Property Refurbishment

With A Proven Track Record As Building Refurbishment Contractors, We Offer An Enhanced Management Solution

Gapple is a solution driven organisation, providing a comprehensive service to the UK construction industry. We can step in with remedial and refurbishment solutions for construction sites where surface damage has occurred.

Our operatives have the knowledge and skills to fix any problem which can’t normally be resolved by the site contractor. The focus is on ‘repair’ or ‘re-spray’ rather than ‘replace’ which is a more cost effective and efficient option for companies who discover damage to any surface on site, including aluminium panels, glass, curtain walling or structural steel works.

Who We Work With

We recognise that with the complex, modular design inherent in many of today’s building structures, the only viable option is to carry out repairs on-site. Our experience in this field has positioned us as the market leader in specialist on site maintenance and remedial work among many leading, national building and construction companies.

Damage to structure often occurs during construction or during the final clean down. Some materials also get damaged in transit or in storage. In essence, we offer an alternative repair solution rather than automatically ordering a replacement for the damaged material.

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Gapple is an established service provider to construction and refurbishment projects across the UK. We deliver re-painting, finishing and repair solutions to any surface, usually during the construction completion process when damage is identified.

Our service is highly valued by contractors as in addition to saving on costs through repair rather than replacement, the site teams can concentrate on getting the project finished.

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