AcoustiCoat Sound Dampening Paint

Sound Dampening Paint


By far the lead product in our product range is Acousticoat, sound dampening paint. However because it is classed as a sound dampening paint, people assume that its as cheap as emulsion and one day hopefully it will be. The product is pretty new and it can be quite a challenge to get customers to change from the tried and tested sound prevention methods. Which, if we’re fair is understandable. With a new product it would be classed as a risk, and with risk normally comes a cost, and nobody in the construction industry has much room for error, but as they say “With risk comes reward”.

We at Gapple are not Acoustic Specialists, we are suppliers of a product that has been manufactured abroad, which is fine (apart from the recently weak pound), but it has also been tested abroad, quite extensively. Now from my understanding the figures are applied a little differently abroad than in the UK. But in the simplest of terms, you can still see the test results and the gains that can be made from it use. However, we are in the process of getting it tested in the UK, so that we have everything covered.

Back to the point of cost, it is not cheap (unless you buy in bulk). Where you make the savings is in the scale of work, by not removing and replacing existing boards and factoring in those labour costs with Plumbers, electricians, painters and plasterers and all the while incurring more risk as the work continues.

Also when considering more commercial buildings, in the case of a hotel room refurbishment for example, the room would be turned around and back up for rent within 48 hours. So no, the product is not a cheap option, but it can be a money saving, less disruptive option and an effective alternative.

Sound Dampening Paint

We are the only licensed suppliers in europe, so if you have any further queries or requirements, please don’t hesitate to call.


Ian Hill


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