Acousticoat Testimonial

Acousticoat is the leading product in our For Industry Trade (FIT) product range. Below is a testimonial from a Project Director at a housing development who utilized Acousticoat to pass the noise rating on the block.


“Towards the back end of 2017, we had completed an apartment block. All was completed on time and we were all very pleased.
We were confident that we would pass the acoustic test as we had followed all of the guidelines and specification. This is always a bit of a nervous time, as you can’t do the sound test until the apartments are totally complete.
You can imagine our devastation when the project failed its acoustic test. Our options were to apply acoustic matting, which would have lowered our head room, as well as having the many trades in to redecorate, that is without the possible damage that may have occurred during the redecoration.
We could have added more acoustic boards, which would have needed carpentry, electrics and decorators, all building up costs.
We then were told of Gapple’s “Acousticoat”! With all new products, you are always wary of using it. A general rule of thumb is to speak with somebody who has used it, so that they could confirm that it actually does what it claims to do.
As “Acousticoat” is new to the market, we didn’t have the luxury of picking up the phone to a colleague for advice. We took the costs into consideration and decided to do a “test” apartment first. We were DELIGHTED with the result, there was between a 1 and 2 Db improvement!
We put the full order into Gapple for the required amount of “Acousticoat” and it was delivered. Our decorators roller applied the “Acousticoat” which gave us the desired effect with a huge saving on labour.
Disruption was minimal, damage to flooring, kitchen units etc were nullified as protection was used and only one trade were responsible.
I would certainly recommend and use “Acousticoat” in the future, and can even see it being specified on projects, purely for the reasons stated.”
 AV – Project Director.