Cladding Repair and Replacement

Cladding RepairCladding Repair

Cladding Repair is a valuable service due in no small part to cladding’s many uses. Cladding is a covering or envelope added to an existing structure or part of a new build to form decorative surfaces. While Cladding doesn’t bolster a building in terms of stability or load bearing, Cladding does offer wind and other weather protections. Cladding allows you easier control of the internal environments. It provides security and privacy as well as Thermal and audio insulation (albeit not entirely).With this many functions, it is easy to see why cladding is so important. However, Cladding itself like any surface is vulnerable to accidental and deliberate damage.

Cladding is vulnerable to scratches, scuffs, marking, dents , tears and gouges.

When this occurs cladding repair can be exactly what is called for. Our experts can repair many of the leading cladding materials on the market to a brand new finish. Cladding Repair often entails the resurfacing and respraying of the cladding while ensuring the cladding more important properties aren’t compromised.

Gapple work closely with most panel manufacturers to ensure that materials used during repair are compatible. This can often vary, as sometimes there are just surface scratches and the primer coat is left in tact, this just needs a light rub with a fine abrasive to create a key, and then the desired topcoat can be applied to get as close a match to the powder coat as possible.

Obviously where more aggressive damage has occurred, we often need to fill and reshape the panel and bring it back to its desired state prior to painting.

No matter what people say,the panels are usually powder coated, coil coated or anodised – the repair is always a wet spray finish. This is the closest finish we can get outside of a factory setting that will be acceptable. We always try to educate our clients that an “exact” match is totally impossible due to completely different coating systems. an extreme example would be that you would not roller paint a car door and expect it to match would you?

Although a spray finish is mostly so close a match that often it is not picked up, there is certainly a difference to the expert eye. To expect an “exact” match is expecting too much. This is a repair, and it must be accepted as so.

When it comes to aged architectural cladding repair, this comes into play when the actual panels are fine, but the pigmentation in the original coating is breaking down. This can be described as architectural refinishing, architectural recoating, cladding repair and recoat, cladding respray, coping panel repairs, Panel fill and recoat and so many more. We will visit site, hopefully a drawing is available, but if not, we will be able to recommend a coating and application method, depending on desire and expectation.

Gapple have secured a talented team who have experience in this industry, and we have strict criteria that must be met, as we look to solve clients issues and not add to them. Many of our outcasts, who didnt make the grade have ended up with our nearest competitor Geographically. Amongst most of the paint spraying companies, there is a distinct lack of talent in this particular form of spraying, and often bad painters bounce from company to company, this is why we keep a small team who are trusted as opposed to a”throw as many men at it” attitude. This only leads to bad feeling and creates issues. Gapple have been around long enough to realise that its all about quality of service and not quantity of labour. So when making you decision to place an order, please do your homework, as cheap is hardly ever value for money.