External Coating Repairs

The Facts about External Coating

External Coating

External Coating is a key feature in a buildings protection as well as aesthetics. One of the most shocking thing to us as a company is that when a brand new building is handed over, the internals are scrutinised to the Nth degree, yet no attention is given to the maintenance of the cladding or powder coated items. All manufacturers such as Kingspan, Trimo, Trespa, Ash and Lacey, Euroclad etc have strict cleaning regimes that protects your warranty, so within the first 12 months of receiving a building the warranty will be null and void. Gapple can assist with this cleaning and make sure that your warranty is maintained. The advantage would be that if Gapple find any blemishes, we can repair and respray if at all necessary.

During construction or refurbishment, Anodised/anodic panels and or polyester powder coated (PPC) items often get battered and bruised. Gapple can repair any panel and get any colour within the RAL/BS colour range. We can also get bespoke colours. However, it matters not, what anyone tells you, you simply can’t match weathered paneling as its the pigment itself that is bleached, this cant be replicated. Invariably there will be a a shade variation on older panels/items.
External Coating

Weather has a massive effect on external coating and in an ever varying climate like the UK, it is extremely important to protect your building correctly. Our company also specialize in being able to perform External Coating and Repairs on active work sites. Our specialist finishing can add the perfect touch to a new project.

We will re-surface and repair most substrates with our expertise and care. Cracks and flaking are unfortunate problem points when dealing with varied weather, we can repair the surface and apply a suitable external coating to help give longevity to your waterproofing systems.

New external coating will completely renovate the and freshen up your building aesthetically. First impressions count!

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