Fireproof Paint

 What is Fireproof Paint?

Fireproof Paint

Fireproof Paint or Intumescent Coatings are a fairly common form of  “passive” fire protection. Fireproof paint swells in extreme heat and is used as a way to bar a fires path and provide protection to the surface it is applied to, minimizing damage and the spread of fire where possible.

You can exploit Fireproof paint to protect extra valuable or higher risk areas from fire damage. In cases of Structural steel this fire-retardant paint preserves its structural integrity for longer, while on other surfaces it can buy everyone valuable time for safe evacuation and the fire to be tackled appropriately.

Intumescent Paint can bolster your protections on Steel for up to 120mins as well as woodwork for up to 60mins. We carry out all aspects of structural fire protection and fireproofing.

From firewalls & cladding to structural steel linings & casings, providing up to 4 hours fire protection. We have over 35 years experience in the construction industry. We utilize a team of experienced engineers, technicians and project managers to ensure safety.

Fireproof PaintAlso common place throughout the UK are Intumescent Strips which are laid along the edge of a doorway or Cladding. Then when triggered this thin strip expands where applied in order to slow the damage a fire or extreme heat can cause.

You can have this paint applied internally or externally but must be clear when ordering, due to the varied range of Coatings available there are paints suited to particular surfaces rather than others.

Lastly, We do recommend that all intumescent paint works be inspected in the standardized BS 476-20/21 Fire Test.


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