Gapple Licensing World-Wide

“Providing a new choice to the industry for onsite repairs” is offering to clients, a nationwide network of Vetted, Licensed Contractors.

Clients, will be able to put forward a tender opportunity to our service and match with multiple tradespeople, who will compete to give the best value for money. This will allow a much easier process to obtaining and completing any works available through the service while ensuring a competitive local trade rate.

Each Client will have the ability to read and post reviews of the contractors performance, this will encourage a high standard of workmanship, paired with our own vetting process to enforce a high standard of recommendation. With this expansion comes new access to specialists products, applicators & materials.
Insitu Repair Federation

This is all great timing as Gapple Licensing has just received executive membership with the Insitu Repair Federation, an exciting new industry accreditation. For more information about the IRF click here :


     Benefits to Licensees:

Work for yourself

Exclusive access to local work

Define your own rates through elimination of middle management

Flexibility of Work Hours

Business Development Support

Be included in a Larger infrastructure without loss of autonomy

Access to an established brand over a decade in the making

Licensees could increase their earnings four fold

All this for one monthly fee