Glass Polishing and Repairs

Glass PolishingGlass Polishing

Whether during construction or just through wear and tear, glass is very easily scratched. We have an outstanding glass polishing service which offers an alternative to replacement. This kind of glass polishing and repair comes with its own kind of risk so a trained professional is important. Heat cracks and “fish eye” (distortion) are commonplace with untrained technicians. If this occurs, often you are left with a bigger problem than the original scratch or blemish. We can obtain 99% perfection on glass, and remove blemishes and scratches leaving the glass panel or pane completely clear as it was meant to be.

Most marks on glass are initially imperceptible. Scratches occur on a regular basis and before you know it those small scratches cover the surface making the glass appear dull. Often scratches are caused by cleaning, which often can be avoided. More often than not the scratches are not hilighted until bright sunshine appears. This can almost turn the scratches “silvery” and easy to spot, yet on an overcast day, you may struggle to see the same scratch. We cut the glass first to get to the depth of the scratch, then using finer cutting pads, we bring the glass to a point where it is opaque. At this point we switch to a glass polishing pad and bring the clarity back. Skilled operatives will get this glass back to its original distortion free state 99% of the time.

These marks can happen even more frequently on work sites with heavy dust, gravel and dirt, we offer a service that works alongside or in partnership to other tradesmen and women in and around construction sites as well as existing residential properties.

We have years of experience in glass polishing. Our work is always to an extremely high standard. We can accommodate extremely large sites and work within tightly schedule time frames (See Here)

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