Grit Blasting and Surface Preparation.

Grit Blasting Service

Specialist Blasting

We use the term “Specialist Blasting” as there are numerous forms of blasting, depending on requirements. Most common is Grit Blasting which involves propelling an abrasive compound at high velocity to strip back the surface of whatever you are blasting.

We have used High Pressure Aqua blasting to put a key into the walls of a swimming pool prior to tiling. We have used Soda blasting to remove old paint layer by layer, as well as blast around windows. Soda just removes the paint, but doesn’t damage the glass. We have used Super heated water to blast clean masonary surfaces and paint removal, this system purely relies on steaming hot water at a temperature of 150 degrees.

There is also a “swirl abrasive” system. This system is where we use a high pressure water and then we control how much abrasive goes through the nozzle. This gives us control over what we are stripping, while protecting the substrate.

Open blasting is quite rare nowadays, as health and safety is paramount. However when it comes to ships,bridges and other steel structures, then open blast is often the best option. Where required we can encapsulate the structure to control the dust.

Sponge blasting is used as an option where encapsulation is not possible. The sponge is impregnated with abrasive. The theory is that the abrasive hits the surface and the sponge absorbs the dust.

There are many abrasives that can be used depending on the environment and substrate. Gapple are more than happy to come up with a solution, whether you need to use steel shot, dolomite, glass, sand, walnut shells, soda and many many more options.

These options are an alternative to the use of chemical strippers, which can be slower and cause their own issues.

We can also use high pressure blasting for facade cleaning, roof and gutter cleaning. In fact any surface that requires cleaning, we have the ability to deliver.

Specialist Blasting is also a useful way to clean Graffiti from many surfaces. Unfortunately there is a high demand for graffitti removal, which can be quite tricky, as the substrates can be porous, and we are never sure what paint has been used, however Gapple always finds the correct solution.

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