Industrial Steam Cleaning and High Pressure Cleaning

Industrial Steam Cleaning

Industrial Steam Cleaning

Industrial Steam Cleaning and High Pressure Cleaning can refresh a surface that has succumbed to effects of time. Dust and grime build up under the best of circumstances and a high pressure wash can cut right through tough aged and ingrained dirt. Follow up with an Industrial Steam Clean and it will be like the dirt was never there.

The high pressure cleaner works by taking in large volumes of water and using an electrical motor to accelerate the speed of the waters current. When funneled through the nozzle at the end of the hose it creates an extremely strong jet of water capable of deep cleaning cracks and crevasses. Not to mentions its more industrial uses on concrete, steel and cladding. As well as its efficiency at stripping paint when necessary. This makes it a fantastic solutions on work sites as well as Civil engineering projects.

As well as just High pressure, we do have the option of pushing aggregate through the system with the steam for those tougher jobs. Not many surfaces that Gapple cant tackle with this system.

Industrial Steam Cleaning can be a great alternative where a high pressure clean is not suitable. Using heat to strip the dirt away offers a more sanitary finish where the heat can battle bacteria. The steam cleaner just like the high pressure cleaner has a large intake of water but heats it to near boiling point creating pressure inside the cleaner giving a strong jet of hot water to bring a clean shine to all surfaces.