Internal Coatings and Fine Finishing

 Internal CoatingsGapple at its core is a paint specialist, our years of experience mean we deeply understand the variety and importance of internal coatings and surface treatments, with new advancements made every year its important to make the right choice for your company and project.

Internal Coatings

During construction or refurbishment, surfaces are bumped and scraped, causing damage to the existing coating. To assist in the hand over process, we offer an alternative to replacement, which is repair of the dent, scratch or gouge, then colour match and respray. Even after hand over, internal walls are under constant stress, scuffs, aging and impact especially in areas with high footfall.  We can treat and resurface almost any cosmetic damage.

In certain areas, a hygienic coating is legislated in places where food is handled or  medical rooms prone to contamination, etc. This is an area that we also specialse in. Internal coating can protect your building for much longer saving you time, money and resources in the long run.

We have worked all over the country on work-sites, busy offices, schools, hotels, stadiums and more and always have a suitable solution to the type of treatment required. Recently we performed a re-coating of a suspended walkway above a schools swimming pool which as you can imagine has its own challenges with chlorine in the air.

We also recommend that you keep all coating clean, and have a set cleaning agenda to obtain longevity and adhere to your warranty. This is also something that Gapple can assist with.

Fine Finishing

Fine finish is the term used in the type of coating that we apply. For internal coatings and external coatings, we use a spray system that uses compressed air that atomises the paint, which gains the closest finish to anodised/anodic panels and PPC (polyester Powder Coat) finished panels.


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