Paint Spraying and Repair

Paint Spraying and Repair

Paint SprayingPaint Spraying and Repair works provided by Gapple is its most active service. One of the directors started off as a “prepper” on site and learned everything on site by doing the job. Things have changed over the years, but overall the problems in paint spraying are much the same. We are always challenged with new and wonderful colours that we need to find a colour match for. The changes in the attitude to environment has also become a challenge. As the VOC levels that paint manufacturers are allowed to produce have greatly reduced.

This is fantastic environmentally, however for In-situ coatings it limits the warranties that any manufacturer will provide, if they provide one at all! Many of our competitors state that they will give a 25 year warranty, while on the surface this may seem fantastic the applicators do not manufacture the paint so how can they put a warranty to it? They could however apply warranty to the adhesion as they are the applicators, but pigmentation, cracking and peeling is all questionable.

Paint SprayingGapple is not a company that tells a client what they want to hear just to get the work. We like to give our professional opinion so that we can discuss what the solution is between us. The aim has always been and always will be to provide a solution that everyone is happy with. We believe in clarity of communication and education on realistic goals. What is meant by this is that sometimes our clients may have a meeting with the main contractor and agree to achieve a specific amount of work that will be achieved. This may have been due to pressure from above, however, when this goal is obviously unrealistic then all that happens is that the problem is magnified and relations are negatively effected from top down. To avoid such scenarios we believe that regular consultation meetings take place so that none of us has our head in a noose.

The other main challenge is that this industry is filled with a high percentage of car body shop paint sprayers. As much as what many of them do in a car body shop is excellent, there is a huge difference to paint spraying in a controlled environment and finishing with a lacquer than what we do. We do not use lacquer so the finish cant be disguised in any way so our base coat finish has got to be to the highest standard.

Paint SprayingOur sprayers learn everyday. Whether its paint spraying at height, in high winds, in extreme heat or extreme cold, internally, where fellow trades are working etc. The list goes on. We have a very high standard that sprayers must meet, we are certainly not a “get as many painters as possible” type of company. We employ reliable, hard working people who have the will to succeed and understand that we are not there to create a bigger problem for clients, but to work with them and no matter what the challenges and deliver the desired outcome. We are all about repeat business and business relations, we do not trawl the internet looking for new “victims” as some companies do. Where possible we work with our trusted competitors because this is a very difficult industry to be involved with and we often hit the same problems, so to find a solution, sometimes you need to speak with people who are in the same boat.

Over the years, we have built up good relations with paint suppliers. Via our contacts we try to stay on top of new technology where paint spraying is concerned. Whether it be via equipment or paint products, we like to think that we keep up with whats new in the industry so that we can pass on our knowledge to clients.

We utilize a fantastic group of very talented paint sprayers from all over the world. With their combined paint spraying experience in the decades we trust them to handily complete any task we can set them. We have worked on a spectacular range of projects all over the country using a range of products and techniques that span our entire industry.

For a more in depth discussion on colour matching, see our directors thoughts on it here.

No matter what your project we can provide the expert care that a sensitive project like paint spraying needs.

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