Repair Building Envelopes

Repair Building EnvelopesRepair Building Envelopes

To Repair Building Envelopes is an often overlooked part of a companies building maintenance. The “building envelope” constitutes any part of the building that separates the interior from the exterior. This includes Walls, Windows Ceilings, Roofs and Floors. This makes it essential to weather proofing, damp proofing, fire proofing as well as heat insulation. A crack or chip is all it takes to compromise these important building factors.

Any external or even internal damage can affect a companies image, damaged shopfronts can infer a lackluster image or make an otherwise attractive display look messy or marred. Internally damage to a wall, ceiling or floor might lead to unwanted and unnecessary health and safety risks.

Repair Building EnvelopesAt Gapple we repair building envelopes. Our extensive experience in fascia repair means we have all of the practical knowledge and skill to ensure the high standard of completion this work takes. Using a range of specialist materials including Cladding’s, Resins, Polymer Fillers and your basic building materials such as wood and steel as necessary. Our expert surveyors can assess any damages to the buildings interior or exterior and offer suitable repair options, once the surface has been repaired, when possible we can also re-coat the surface to match.