Roof Maintenance and Re-Sealing

Roof Maintenance and Re-Sealing.

Roof MaintenanceRoof Maintenance is something most people don’t think of but whether you think of it or not an overgrown or dilapidated roof can become a real problem, especially when dealing with flat roofs that hold water. With the damp conditions of the UK a mossy or moldy roof can happen anywhere and fast. Where leaves and other degradable debris catch on the roof, moss, mold and mildew are never too far away.

When the problem first starts it starts small but that soon grows and here is where we hit the problem. The persistent nature of plants and bacteria mean they get in the smallest cracks and as you would have seen don’t even let concrete get in their way. When moss starts to build up and expand it can cause smaller holes under roof tiles or in the seams of the roof seal. As if moss wasn’t bad enough this can cause massive internal damp issues as well as catastrophic leaks. These leaks can become a serious problem for electrical works as well as your general health and your safety.

Domestically a roof leak can be a nuisance but commercially that liability is much larger, water damage and damp can severely damage products as well as spoil any unsealed foods. A leak can also lead to a wet floor where if you have a busy thoroughfare can present a real danger to the public and staff alike. Roof Maintenance can seem like something that can be postponed but the longer you leave it the worse it can become.

Our Roof Maintenance and re-sealing service means we will thoroughly survey the project and ensure the removal of all moss and associated build-up. Then should the project require we can re-seal the roof as needed.

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