Cheaper Sound Reduction Options.

We are delighted with our latest addition to the “Fit Product” range, namely Acousticoat. It has proven quite difficult over the years to crack into the market of the tried and tested acoustic board and mats etc, however we have been gathering momentum lately. We are supplying companies who have the age old issue of stairwell echo in office blocks, apartment blocks and Hotels etc.

Sound ReductionHowever more interestingly it is the medium sized builders who are gaining, where they just don’t meet the acoustic requirements for the certification to be released. Our product seems to be the quickest and cheapest option to give the existing system that is failing that all important sound reduction boost. The beauty of it is that for large areas you can apply with an airless sprayer or in finished apartments, a painter/decorator can use a roller to apply the two base coats required and the one top coat to finish. Acousticoat is water based so no VOC’s to worry about, it is permeable, so over decor is not a problem.


We try to keep a small amount of stock in the UK (as it is manufactured in The US) because of shelf life, but when a large order comes in, we find the challenge of shipping an issue. Not that it is tricky to bring in, but the time it can take. It seems when there is a requirement, it’s an unplanned requirement and it is always needed immediately. There is the option to air freight but that comes at a premium so additional charges take place. Even then, we are finding its between two and three weeks.


This is a challenge that we are trying to resolve with various options, but it was an unexpected and unforeseeable one. But hey, thats what success and growth does, it creates new challenges to meet the demand.


We are pursuing the possibilities of supplying Cladding manufacturers, as we know that the one downside of cladding is that sound travels straight through it, so we will be speaking to them to see what their thoughts are on the idea. Watch this space!!!!!


In the mean time we would like to thank all of our clients who took the chance and were happy that they did so, and all future clients, please contact us at

Ian Hill

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