Stainless Steel Refurbishment

Stainless Steel Refurbishment.


Stainless steel doesn’t mark but it does rust, unfortunate but unavoidable when stainless steel is bared to the elements. Due to the flexibility and reliability of stainless steel it is used in a massive amount applications. On site stainless steel is used for things such as Cladding, Masonry support and windows and door fittings. This makes it highly versatile so its rare to find a construction project that doesn’t utilize stainless steel somehow.

When weather and negative conditions conspire to start your stainless steel rusting we can set things straight. Using specialist cleaners and removers we can remove those pesky rust spots. Pair that with our surface treatment specialties and we can polish stainless steel to a near new finish.

Our management teams and contractors have years of experience in a vast array of industry repair and refurbishment services. Call today to arrange your site visit and get a no-obligation quote on your stainless steel refurbishment – 0845 812 0003.

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